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The module allows you to output analogues for goods that have already been discontinued.



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Often, the owners of online stores remove goods from the site that were removed from production, from the point of view of SEO optimization it is not recommended to do this. It should be understood that the page of this product, it's the same full page of the site, as well as others, it will also participate in the ranking. In the transition to a page with the remote item, the buyer will see a 404 error, or he will be redirected to the page with other goods. Consequently, not finding what he needs, the client will leave the site.

Module "Analogs of goods taken out of production" will solve the problem. On the product page, taken out of production, similar products (analogues) that are available will be displayed. The module also allows you to disable the possibility of ordering this product.

Configuring the module:

In the product card, the product that is no longer produced should be set up as the "Represents a Series of analogues", and its analogs as "Belongs to a Series of analogues". The product can only enter one series.

Buying the "Analogy of Discontinued Products" module right now allows you not to lose your potential customers and possible profit.

The module was tested for Opencart 2.1 and 2.3

Expected for Opencart version 3.x

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"Analogues of goods" module of missing goods or discontinued for Opencart 2

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