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Update. Version 1.6

Added the ability to substitute the value of the price (variable [price]). If you set the Change price field to a value using this variable, the price (the currency figure) will be automatically substituted with discount and stock for each product.

"The price is from [price] per pack.", The site will be displayed "Price from 100$  for pack. 

The module, which can turn a shop into the TravelAgency, Rent Property, the corporate site with an estimated cost, site with thesale of expensive services and opportunity at the same site to sell simpleproducts.





This module makes your site universal.

Example -

And also combine the price of goods andservices with any wording:

- “Price from”

- “Price from and before”

- “from $ 300 for $ 600”

- “from 2 hours before 8 hours”

- “for only $ 299”

- Your any wording

In one shop, you can sell goods and servicesand so on.

The ability to customize the button "Addto Cart", replacing any phrase:

- Book

- Order

- Send to Print

- Calculate

- Order miscalculation

- Consultation manager

- Enroll and more

And instead of the basket - displays feedback form.

The advantage of the internet shop and ecommercesystems - export of goods on the trading platforms.

This module allows create any website with anyvariant of services and the ability to export to the trading platforms.



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Module "Price and button customizing" for Opencart

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