1. The main aim of this module’s implementation and using is improvement of site conversion. If we speak about on-line shop, the main aim of instruments on site is site’s consumers’ conversion. Conversion – it is ratio of quantity of visitors on site, that made some target action on site (for example, bought some product) to overall quantity of visitors.

2. Another important aim of using this module is confirmed reviews of the work you have done performed by real companies. Using the design of the structure of the module it assumes a separate unit for placement of recommendation letters from clients. These letters are provided by enterprises with all the necessary details and scanned copies of these documents are placed in the corresponding block, that anyone could see them.

3. Also, this module can be used in order to raise and maintain the status of your company. First, the user can see a complete list of your customers that will confirm the presence of real experience of your company. Secondly, in the letter of recommendation from the partner companies can be specified period of cooperation with your company, which once again confirms that the data that you have indicated coincide with reality.

4. This module is a combination of two parts: Module Clients and Portfolio module. He describes all the company's partners, who have ever worked with you and your ordered products. Also part of the Portfolio displays all completed projects for this client as a group of photos. The module placed on the home page, it may take the form of logos and partner companies names that immediately attract the attention of the user, who came to the site.

5. The basic idea of Module Our Clients - the creation of a public client’s page on which site visitors can view the basic information about the client and portfolio of completed projects.

6. Module Our clients is using for B2B segment.

7. The second part of the module - Portfolio displays all completed projects for each of the clients in the form of a group of images. For a more structured presentation of information, it can be configured as a categorized list of works performed so that a customer can see products of a category he needs.

8. Portfolio has a very flexible system to customize the appearance, which allows you to tune this block structure according to your preferences. You can vary the number of images displayed in the section, sort order, etc.

9. Some users have experienced such a situation that the different objects Portfolio belong to the same category of products on the site. Portfolio module allows to combine these objects and link them to relevant categories for you to display.

10. When you load additional images in Portfolio Ajax technology is used, it means that when you click on a particular link to the page, the browser does not need to reload the entire page, as it loads only the necessary user context. This allows the site to work much faster.

11. Page object in the portfolio is implemented with all the necessary elements of its correct functionality, such as: gallery, description, title and description meta tags, object evaluation system. Meta tags are written for effective page optimization by search engines, which affects the overall site optimization.

12. Objects portfolio can be displayed as a modal (pop-up) window and a separate page, which again determines the flexibility of the site.

13. Correct and effective structure page url (link): creates a short link that will positively affect the search engine optimization of the page. In turn, the structure of the instrument Breadcrumbs (navigation chain) contains links to all the sections of the site on which the user have navigated before the entire page. And he can return to any section in the chain.

14. For objects in the Portfolio written mikromarking that appears in the search query of search engines and increases the attractiveness of the search results, and also affects the optimization.

15. The Portfolio module is using multilingual SEO. Usually sites changing languages goes on the same page on which the user is located. Portfolio Module provides the ability to customize each page to each language, which also has a positive effect on search engine optimization.

16. Also in the module used block of recently added works with advanced configuration. This allows the user to see the latest current trends in the direction you work and confirm that your company does not stand still.

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