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Module "Formula of options" allows you to set up automatic calculation of the quantity of goods in the order.In the "Catalog" section a new subsection "Optional formulas" will be added.

In it for each product with the installed options of the type "text", you can create a formula for calculating the quantity of goods.

Example: Count the number of rolls of wallpaper. To do this, you need to know the area of the room, it is easy to calculate, knowing the length and width.

This module allows, knowing these parameters to make a formula for counting the necessary number of wallpapers.

When ordering a product, the user must enter the dimensions of the room, and the number of rolls will be counted automatically.

In the product card, the user can see the changes in the order amount according to the selected options.

The module was developed and tested on OpenCart for the default theme.

Having bought this module on our website - you get the opportunity of technical support and free update to the next version.

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