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Features of the module:

1. Schemes of formulas. Setting up a formula for a group, product category, or individual product.

2. Intermediate calculations. The module allows you to configure not only the formula for calculating the quantity of goods, but also an unlimited number of intermediate calculations. The results of these calculations can be displayed both in the product options and be purely informational in nature, and used in further calculations. For example: you need to calculate the required number of m2 of tiles for a bath, intermediate calculations can be the number of tiles or the number of tile packages, as well as the price per package.

3. Related products. You can set up and connect related products to the products. For related products, you can customize your calculation formula. They will be displayed in the main product card. The client will be able to simultaneously calculate the required quantity of the main product and the accompanying one, and order them at the same time. For example: wallpaper and glue, laminate and forged with skirting boards.

4. New type of option. Added its own option type Number, with various display options. Options of this type can be displayed as simple text, as an input field with +/- buttons, as a field with +/- buttons, and also as a slider. Also in the option settings, you can set the minimum, maximum value and step for the value.

5. Formulas at the level of user groups. You can customize a calculation formula for each user group.

6. Modes of the calculator. The calculator can be displayed in the product card and in the category. A display mode in a modal window is also available. You can apply categories to products and display the results as a list of products, convenient for comparing and choosing a more favorable product by price.

7. It is possible to output the results in an option. The calculation result can be displayed both in the standard quantity field and in the option (for intermediate values)

8. Quick form of registration and printing of the scheme. You can display a quick checkout form in the card, this is convenient, because bypasses the shopping cart and speeds up the checkout process. Orders are displayed in the Orders section in the admin panel as standard. Also, the calculation can be printed, a print version is formed.

9. Unique operators. You can use a large number of functions in formulas: rounding, rounding up and down, root, poppy and min values, set a condition, etc.

DEMO - Laminate

Calculator in the item card

Calculator in the category

Calculator in the modal window in the item card

Calculator in a modal window in the category

DEMO - Paint

Calculator in the item card

Calculator in category

Calculator in the modal window in the item card

Calculator in a modal window in the category

DEMO - Large format print

Calculator in the item card

Calculator in category

Calculator in the modal window in the item card

Calculator in a modal window in the category

DEMO - Custom car clearance

Calculator in the item card

Category calculator

Calculator in the modal window in the item card

Calculator in a modal window in the category



Perpetual license for 2 domains

Real projects

1. Calculation of lighting in accordance with state standards of Ukraine:

The "Mega calculator" module is used on the Alanis website to calculate the required number of lighting devices in accordance with the standards of Ukraine for different types of premises with a given area.

The calculator allows you to calculate the required number of fixtures for the kitchen, living quarters or offices.

2. Laminate calculator

Calculates the number of required laminate packages, which can be purchased immediately, based on the floor area

3. Calculator Large Format Printing

Calculate the cost for large format printing based on the entered sizes. Banner printing, printing on canvas,  banner mesh.


1. Demo



2. Demo*

This module will allow you to implement a calculator for the category and in the product card. The amount is calculated taking into account the input parameters.

"Mega Calculator" will allow you to adjust the calculation of the quantity of goods and the amount of the order by means of the entered options by the user.

The module can solve questions of users concerning necessary quantity of a material which they need to buy. Many customers do not know how much they will need, for example: wallpaper on a room of 26 m2, this module allows them to quickly calculate the number of rolls for the room.

  1. The created formulas can be added to the schemes. Now, the visitor can choose the necessary parameters, and he will be shown the list of goods connected to the formula, calculating the price and quantity according to the given parameters. The user can choose the most suitable option for him and order.

  2. Add related products. The quantity for the related products will be automatically calculated, according to the selected options for the main product.
    For example: It was to count the number of rolls of wallpaper using the formula and when adding them to the basket, the user will be offered related products with an already counted quantity for the selected number of rolls of wallpaper.

  3. In the goods card, the values (quantity, amount of the order) are automatically calculated.

  4. In the product card, you can change the value of the options, and the amount and amount of the order will automatically change.

  5. You can connect several products and categories to one formula.

  6. Ability to add a "parent" category. It will show results from all categories in which there are products for the formula.

  7. In the product card, you can change the quantity regardless of the formula options.

For the module to work properly, all necessary parameters and attributes (characteristics) must be correctly filled and connected to the goods.

The module is excellent for online stores specializing in the sale of non-finished products, and materials for its production (a store for the sale of fabric, lighting, laminate, carpets, nails, wallpaper and much more).
When a client needs a certain amount of goods, based on his individual parameters: the area of the room, the size of the wall, the floor, etc.

Installing the module

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Download the archive to the site without unpacking it. Extensions - install extensions.
  3. Update modification
  4. In addition, install the module in the "Modules" section.

Configuring the module

In the admin panel in the Catalog section a subsection "Formula of options" will be added. In this section, for each product with options such as "text", "select", "radio", and also for attributes (characteristics), you can set up automatic quantity calculation in the order.

The module is tested for Opencart 2.3, 2.1

Expected for Opencart version 3.x

When buying a module on our website, White & Blue guarantees free technical support.

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Module "MegaCalculator" for Opencart

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