Module "HTML data in the product" for Opencart

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The module is designed to add text fields in categories and in the cardboard of the goods.



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This module allows you to add text fields "Meta product" and "Heading H1" in the category and product card.

Heading H1 can be set in general for the category and for each product individually.
The content of the "Meta product" field will be displayed in all products of the category. If the product is in several categories, the value of the "Meta product" field will be derived from the first found category with a non-empty value.

The module provides the ability to set the values of the text field "Meta product" for an individual product.
In case the "Meta product" field is filled in the product, it will be displayed in the product card. If the field is empty, the value from the "Meta product" of the nearest category will be taken.

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