Module "Rozetka tabs" for Opencart

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"Rozetka tabs" module allows you to add additional tabs to the product card + & nbsp; comments / responses to reviews.
The module will create a unique description using characteristics, product reviews.
Add an unlimited number of additional tabs to the product card.


http: //demo1.torg. town / index.php? route = product / product & path = 59 & product_id = 56


http: //

login: preview
password: preview

Allows you to configure a description of the summary of the contents of all tabs and reviews.

The module gives the opportunity for detailed reviews, in a question-and-answer format. Buyers will be able to comment on and respond to reviews from other buyers.

The module, when choosing the appropriate option, will allow to prohibit leaving reviews for unregistered buyers.
Feedback form will be hidden until the buyer is registered or authorized in the store. Module features:

  • Create a description from the summary information from all tabs (characteristics, reviews, etc.)
  • References - question-answer
  • Comments on reviews for other buyers
  • Adding a rule for reviews (only for registered customers)
  • Conclusion of the last reviews on the main tab
  • Unlimited number of & nbsp; tabs
  • Configure and sort tabs
  • Multilanguage

The module was tested for Opencart 2.1, 2.3, ocStore 2.3

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